Charlie S. Jensen


I am a recent transplant to the Los Angeles Market, but am already working and loving life here. I spent the last decade doing on-camera work in the Chicago market (after years of first doing theater there). And yes, I have actually acted out-doors in 30-below.

I enjoy playing corporate types, authority figures and anyone who might wear a lab coat or doctorís gear. I like to believe that means I look intelligent. I play arrogant and angry well, having been the ďbadĒ version of your server or customer in many industrials. I now get cast as every-man, dad or blue-collar worker, as the security guard or cop. And also pain victim - so much pain.

One amusing type I had for a while was the period when casting directors believed me to be the perfect vision of the modern farmer. I drank my coffee and smiled contentedly at a lot of fields.

Along the way Iíve done many many other life things, from Sr. Manager of IT to getting myself a Masters of English from Northwestern - for fun. And Iíve done a fair bit of writing as well for everything from travel books to plays. I also happen to be an internet entrepreneur (terrible as that phrase sounds). Ask me about it!