Charlie S. Jensen


I began acting in gradeschool: the critics loved my portrayal of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol - Sharon Jensen praised my performance in a review she wrote and posted on the fridge.

Now, I work primarily on-camera in the Chicago market, after years of doing theater here as well. I’ve had many phases to my casting life: from the years people cast me as a Jewish man to the “father” years to the present where I apparently look like “Successful Farmer,” Corporate type, Authority Figure and anyone who might wear a lab coat or Dr’s gear. I like to think that means I look intelligent. Also I play arrogant and angry well, having recently been the “bad” version of your server or customer in many industrials.

Along the way I’ve done many many other things, from Associate Director of IT to getting myself a Masters of English from Northwestern for fun. And I’ve done a fair bit of writing as well for everything from travel books to writing plays.