Charlie S. Jensen


I came to the Los Angeles market about a year ago and have loved every minute of it. I gained representation with Aqua (commercial) and CSP Management (manager). I've taken classes with Robert D'Avanzo, Lesly Kahn and Brian Hill. I've started my own prodution company, Once Overheard Productions and have worked with my collaborator Davis Tanaka and his company Next Week Productions on various shorts and web series (some of which are doing the festival circuit now). I've had a national Walmart spot, new media campaign for AdapTable Meals and much more!

I spent the last decade doing on-camera work in the Chicago market (after years of first doing theater there). Shout out to O'Connor Casting and PR Casting. And yes, I have actually acted out-doors in 30-below weather. There may have been an electric heated vest involved...

I enjoy playing corporate types, authority figures and anyone who might wear a lab coat or doctorís gear. I like to believe that means I look intelligent. I play arrogant and angry well, having been the ďbadĒ version of your server or customer in many industrials. I now often get cast as every-man, neighbor, dad or blue-collar worker, as the security guard or cop. And also pain victim - so much pain. I love being the character actor that I am.

One amusing type I had for a while was the period when casting directors believed me to be the perfect vision of the modern farmer. I drank my coffee and smiled contentedly at a lot of fields.

Along the way Iíve done many many other life things, from Sr. Manager of IT to getting myself a Masters of English from Northwestern - for fun. And Iíve done a fair bit of writing as well for everything from travel books to plays. I also happen to be an internet entrepreneur (terrible as that phrase sounds). Ask me about it!