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So let's start with the fact that I am not great about updating this site. I AM working - constantly. But keeping track of it is not my strong point.

Some highlights: Some nice press:

Comedy intensive taught by Lesly Kahn. Scene study with Robert D'Avanzo.

Filmed a short for Onceoverheard (a short by John Griswold). Filmed a short called Pizza by Davis Tanaka.

A national Commercial and Print campaign for Coolief. Special thanks to Brad Smith, A.J. and the folks at PR Casting, Kacee and Adam and the gang at Shirley Hamilton, the director Kevin Smith from Story, all the folks at Abelson Taylor, Inc. and of course all the Coolief folks! P.S. I'm not quite that old - they aged me a bit for the ads - and not quite that large (I lost some lbs since then) but I guess that's a glimpse into future me! Delayed release, but now up HERE. Also on their Facebook HERE.