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So let's start with the fact that I am not great about updating this site. I AM working - constantly. But keeping track of it is not my strong point.

Some highlights:

My script for the short film "The Fallen" has accumulated the following accolades: "Second Rounder" Austin Film Festival 2023, "Quarterfinalist" Vail Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2023, "Second Rounder" Screencraft Film Fund Spring 2024, "Second Rounder" Screencraft Film Fund Fall 2023, "Semifinalist" Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards Season 8. The film will be produced by Davis Tanaka and directed by Charlie S. Jensen. We had a formal reading of it in November.

The Feature Film, Cherry has been released on Apple+, Amazon and more. And it is already in Rotten Tomatoes top 30 most popular movies.

The feature film, Cherry will be in select theaters on April 14th (and available for pre-order on iTunes) and then available to stream on AppleTV and Amazon on the 21st. Here's a list of the select theaters: CHERRY Theaters. and here's a link to a recent Variety article about us: CHERRY in Variety. I play Cherry's dad.

I've just completed two short film scripts. Both are headed out to contests/grants/film festivals to secure funding.

You can catch me co-starring on Showtime's Your Honor in Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10 along with Brian Cranston!

Incredibly excited to annount that The Arrangement, a short film I directed with my production company, Once Overhead, has been awarded "Best Dramatic Short" at the  
Hollywood Reel International Film Festival.

Very grateful to have just been a co-star on 2 episodes of an amazing Showtime Show. More to come!

The commercial I did a few years back was just featured on the CW Greatest Holiday Commercial Countdown.

My commercial "Stretch" for Take 5 Oil Change has reached mroe than 41 million views on You Tube alone.

Work - the short film by April Maxey, in which I have a supporting role has won the Grand Jury Prize at Outfest for Best U.S. Scripted Short Film!

WONDERFUL news! "Cherry" the film by Sophie Gilabert, in which I have a supporting role, WON the Audience Award at TRIBECA!

The reviews for Cherry are wonderful - including our mention on Here's a quote from one of them, "If by the time we get to a scene between Cherry and her father,played by Charlie J. Jensen - Super Inspired, in a parking lot and you’re not emotionally connected to these characters, then you may as well have no heart in my eyes." We even have a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

SO incredibly excited to announce that "Cherry" the film by Sophie Gilabert, in which I have a supporting role, will be premiering at Tribeca this year. AND "Work" the wonderful film by April Maxey that premiered at Sundance this year was ALSO selected for Tribeca!

The short film I directed, "The Arrangement" is complete and is now heading off to the festival circuit!

My commercial "Stretch" for Take 5 Oil Change has reached mroe than 37 million views on You Tube alone.

I had a wonderful time with Anthony Gibson and Kevin D'Ambrosio working on "Super Inspired" which just premiered at the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

One of my commercials: "Stretch" for Take 5 Oil Changes has over 27 million views on You Tube and just played during March Madness!

THRILLED to announce that I will be joining the family of actors at Propel Management. SO excited to be represented by them and have them as part of my team!

I am incredibly excited to announce that "Work" a short film I was in by April Maxey, premiered at Sundance this year!

The short film, "The Arrangement" that I directed for Middle Grey Media and Davis Tanaka is nearing the end of post and should be hitting the festival circuit by the Spring.

Entering the last portion of the Upright Citizen's Brigade Series!

The Onion released the piece I did in 2017 on Tik Tok recently. It garnered over 500,000 views in 24 hours. This is in addition to the nearly 10 million it's already had on Facebook and You Tube over the past few years.

The last short film I directed, "Internal Affairs" is a finalist at the Austin Micro Film Festival and received an "Outstanding Achievement" at the Berlin Flash Film Festival.

I'm officially working with Middle Grey Media and Davis Tanaka again, and directing the upcoming short film, The Arrangement under my production company, Once Overheard Productions.

TWO trips to Mexico this year for commercials! Can't be more thankful for that - what a wonderful year in this industry!

A great commercial for TAKE 5 Oil Change with Clockwork Casting, Dummy Films and the wonderful Harold Einstein and of course Aqua Talent and the amazing Roberta at CSP.

Once Overheard and Next week has completed "Internal Affairs," the short film I directed and it is now on its way to festivals.

Recorded a wonderful fictional podcast for the incredible Maia Akiva. I played Depression in Episode 7 of her "Interview with Myself" series. Listen here

Shot a supporting role in the wonderful feature film, "Cherry." Directed by the amazing Sophie Galibert, Shincy Lu Producer, and with Alex Trewhitt as Cherry. I play her father.

Shot another commercial with O-Positive! Special thanks to RMB Casting and director Jess Coulter! AND it's for a good cause - "Keep America Beautiful." There's a couple of spots coming out and they're cute!

OnceOverheard, in partnership with Next Week Productions, announces the production of "Internal Affairs." Starring Davis Tanaka and directed by Charlie S. Jensen. Principal photography begins as soon as safe conditions for filming can be guaranteed. Stay tuned for more.

A short I was in, "My Pizza Boy" is doing the festival circuit and so far has been accepted as an official selection for the 10th Underground Cinema Film Festival in Ireland, was a finalist at the 3 Minute Film Festival in Santa Barbara, WON for Best Micro-Short Film at the Peak City International Film Festival and is an official selection of the Big Teeth Short festival!

A quick trip to my hometown Chicago to do some voice-over work for TIAA.

A funny little part in a Bombas Socks Christmas commercial. Special thanks to Raul Fernandez, Kathy Knowles Casting, all the folks at The Bindery and the folks at Bombas! (And OF COURSE Blake Viglione at Aqua Talent and Jo at CSP)

A new media commercial for AdapTable Meals. Special thanks to RMB casting, Donald Broida and all the folks at Tonick Films - and the folks from AdapTable Meals!

A national Commercial for Walmart. Special thanks to RMB casting, Brian Billow and all the folks at O Positive - plus of course Walmart!

Some nice press:

Acting Intensive with Brian Hill of The Actors Refuge, Comedy intensive taught by Lesly Kahn. Scene study with Robert D'Avanzo.

Filmed a short for Onceoverheard (a short by John Griswold). Filmed a short called Pizza by Davis Tanaka.

A national Commercial and Print campaign for Coolief. Special thanks to Brad Smith, A.J. and the folks at PR Casting, Kacee and Adam and the gang at Shirley Hamilton, the director Kevin Smith from Story, all the folks at Abelson Taylor, Inc. and of course all the Coolief folks! P.S. I'm not quite that old - they aged me a bit for the ads - and not quite that large (I lost some lbs since then) but I guess that's a glimpse into future me! Delayed release, but now up HERE. Also on their Facebook HERE.


My Onion Focus video that has garnered well over 10 million views across all the platforms it has been released on! Click here.

Shot a series of national ads for Turtlewax with 71 Degrees North and Martin Rodahl.


Return to the Hiding Place is about to be released on DVD in the US! Click here.

Charlie S Jensen in The Hiding Place

Click HERE to purchase a copy of The Brother by Academy Award nominated John Hancock and his wife Dorothy Tristan. A wonderful play by wonderful folks. I was part of the original cast when they did it in Chicago a few years back with Steppenwolf Company member Robert Breuler.


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